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Welcome to our brand new “Anvil Downloads” section of our website! Please download these free mobile and desktop wallpapers. The “Anvil is Home” mobile download and “Phillipians 4:13” desktop download were taken by Sarah Pothecary of Alba Photography and edited with text by Kayla Elderton and Sarah Traub. The “Anvil is Home” desktop download was taken by Graham Gibson. We hope you enjoy these downloads and that they bring a little Anvil joy home with you!

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Canteen at Camp

At Daybreak Point Bible Camp, we have our very own ‘general store’ called Canteen. It’s jam packed with all sorts of snacks, swag & supplies. Send an allowance with your camper, and we’ll take care of the rest! We set up an account for making daily purchases, although some camps have a daily limit on candy (#saynotocavities). Each year we release an amazing line of Anvil inspired T-Shirts, Tanks, Long Sleeve Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Stickers, Water Bottles, Mugs and much much more! We also give Bibles to campers who would like them and we sell toothbrushes, shampoo and other camp essentials as needed. Candy, Chips and Chocolate Bars start at $1.25.  Soft Drinks, Sports Drinks, Water and Juice range from $1.00 – $2.50 (depending on the item).

2019 Gear

This year we’ve got a whole new line-up of merch for you to grab a hold of. Everything from the usual suspects (Hats, T-Shirts, Hoodies and so on), to some new additions—you’ll want to act fast on our Chapel Socks, Pocket T-Shirt, Patches, Sweatpants and Jersey! You can look forward to grabbing some of this gear during your week at camp, or you can check out our brand new Online Store here – it will be open every Wednesday to purchase items as all stock is up at Camp this year. You can arrange to pick up at our Burnaby office during the week or to have ready up at Camp when you attend.  There are no refunds or exchanges.

2019 Price List for Clothing & Accessories

Adult Sized Hoodies  |  $35.00
Adult Sized Crew Neck  |  $35.00
Adult Sized Tank Tops  |  $25.00
Adult Sized T-Shirts  |  $20.00
Premium Adult T-Shirts  |  $25.00 
Adult Sized Longsleeve T-Shirt  |  $30.00
2019 Camp shirt  |  $10.00
Snapback  |  $25.00
Bucket Hat | $20.00


Youth Sized Hoodie  |  $30.00
Youth Sized T-Shirts  |  $20.00
Youth 2019 Camp Shirt | $10.00
Toddler Sized T-shirt  |  $10.00
Athletic Bag  |  $10.00
Notebook  |  $10.00
Patches  |  $8.00
Sunglasses | $5.00

Stickers  |  $3.00


Thank you to David at Boyle Design Co., Kayla Elderton and our contest winner Sophia for their canteen designs and Gilbert Yeung and our  Office Admin team for all their hard work getting these items ready for this summer. 

Thank you to Sarah Pothecary of Alba Photography for the awesome photos and our models Alyssa, Bowen, Brooks, Delaney, Fraser, Jack, Jenna, Kayla, Maisie & Shannon to model our Canteen clothes this year!

Shop Online

Looking to grab some gear from this year’s Camp Collection from the convenience of home? Well, now you can! For the first time ever, you can shop our 2019 Daybreak Point Bible Camp Canteen Collection ONLINE! Have a browse and get yourself set for summer!

New to Camp?

Is this going to be your first time at Camp? Not quite sure what to pack? Wondering what in the world is ‘Canteen”? Want to know more about all the amazing things Anvil has to offer like Wide Games, Cabin Activities and Chapel? Head on over to Camper’s Corner to get the full rundown on what a week at Daybreak Point Bible camp on Anvil Island is all about!