2021 Weekend Camps


As the Provincial Health Order banning overnight
summer camps has been lifted we are pleased to
announce that we will be running four overnight
weekend (Friday afternoon – Monday afternoon)
camps on Anvil Island.

Registration will go live on July 5th at noon (12pm)!

See below for more details about each camp and to register!

2021 Weekend Camps


 As the Provincial Health Order banning overnight
summer camps has been lifted we are pleased to
announce that we will be running four overnight
(Friday afternoon – Monday afternoon) weekend

camps on Anvil Island.

Registration will go live on July 5th at noon (12pm)!

See below for more details about each camp and to register!




Senior Teens Camp
Ages: 16-18 (co-ed)
Dates: August 6-9, 2021
Director: David Jones
Assistant Director:
Ajay Martin

Contact: davidjones@anvilisland.ca

Junior Camp
Ages: 9-12 (co-ed)
Dates: August 13-16, 2021
Barrett Sprowson
Assistant Director: Angela Fuellbrandt
Contact: camp3@anvilisland.ca

Junior Teens Camp
Ages: 13-15 (co-ed)
Dates: August 20-23, 2021
Director: Gilbert Yeung
Assistant Director:
Gatlin Saip
Contact: camp7@anvilisland.ca

Junior Teens Camp
Ages: 14-16 (co-ed)
Dates: August 27-30, 2021
Director: Andreas Russell
Assistant Director: Courtney Warner & Mikaela Russell
Contact: camp9@anvilisland.ca

Welcome To Summer, 2021

We are excited to welcome back our campers and staff at four weekend camps in August, 2021. These camps will have very limited availability (50 campers per camp) so that we can abide by all provincial regulations while up at camp. These camps will run Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon. Water taxis will depart Lions Bay starting at 11 am on Friday. They will return to Lions Bay on Monday starting at 11 am (August 9 and 16) and starting at 1pm (August 23 and 30). We will gather at the parking lot at the railway tracks above the marina, check-in and then walk down to our water taxis in cabin groups. We will send more information in your registration confirmation email!

We know that we are going to have many disappointed campers that we are not able to run our usual nine week-long camps at full capacity. We are disappointed too and we look forward to welcoming everyone back to Daybreak Point Bible Camp in the future. This year will not be camp as we have known it, but it will give the opportunity for up to 200 campers to experience camp this summer, and we are very thankful for this.

This page will be updated with all information about our weekend camps, so please check back here often!

Read on for more information about our camps below!

Our pricing for our 2021 Weekend Camps will be $367.50 (price includes GST)

Sponsorship is available.


Daybreak Point Bible Camp is about encountering the life and love of Jesus by doing camp and building community on Anvil Island.

To continue this goal, we have updated our policies and procedures based on recommendations and orders from the BC Camping Association, WorkSafeBC, BC’s Provincial Health Officer, and other industry leaders.

The guidance and orders are continuously changing as the COVID-19 situation is dynamic, and Daybreak will continue to monitor these updates and make changes accordingly.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Administrator, Shannon Fenton, at admin@anvilisland.ca

These guidelines apply to overnight camping for campers at Daybreak Point Bible Camp ages 9-18 (born no later than 2003).

– Updated July 7, 2021

  • Maximum 50 campers and 50 staff per camp session. Camp sessions will be four days in duration.
  • All eligible campers and staff are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated with at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, preferably 2-3 weeks prior to the start of camp.
  • Campers and staff will be arranged in household groups with reduced close contact with others, especially indoors. Household groups will not be required to wear masks or physically distance when they are not with others. Most activities and meals will be conducted as a household.
  • Outdoor activities and operations will be prioritized, and indoor spaces utilized predominantly for meals and inclement weather. All indoor activities will abide by physical distancing and mask guidelines.
  • Daily symptom screening, regular proactive hand hygiene and increased cleaning will be part of our core public health measures to reduce the risk of transmission.
  • Anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19, or has travelled internationally, had a case of COVID-19 in their home or close contact to a confirmed case <14 days prior to camp starting cannot attend camp.
  • Should symptoms of COVID-19 develop while at camp, the individual will be isolated and transported off-island to access testing as indicated by the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool.
  • There will be no visitors to camp during a session.
  • These will be limited to camper cabins of no more than 8-10 campers and 2 staff for a total size of 10-12 people.
  • These households will not need to employ physical distancing or wear masks when with each other in their cabins or when at activities or spaces on their own.
  • Households will eat together, sit in chapel (indoor and outdoor) together and rotate through many programs and activities as a single unit.
  • Campers will avoid sleeping head-to-head, either head to toe, or toe to toe; top and bottom bunkmates will try to sleep with heads on opposite ends of the unit wherever possible. Our layout ensures along with these measures campers will be >1m from others, measuring head-to-head.
  • Spacing between bunks will be employed in our larger cabins wherever possible.
  • Any activities indoors will be done in household groups.
  • All outdoor activities will prioritize household group participation in structure and where larger camper cohort gathers, (ex. Occasional wide game) interaction will avoid prolonged mixing in proximity, rather spreading individual out across large spaces. See Program & Operations section for further details.
  • Cleaning and sanitization of high touch surfaces will be completed throughout each day by staff.
  • Camp sessions will be separated by at least 48-hours and facilities will be sanitized in accordance with BCCDC standards.
  • A layered approach to protective measures as advised by BC Public Health will be adopted including physical distancing between households (required when indoors), minimal activities with any physical contact, reducing group sizes and employing staggered access to space.
  • Masks will be work in all indoor spaces where multiple households are gathered, especially when 2m distance between households cannot be well maintained.
  • Hand hygiene will be proactively relied upon in both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • Prior to camp all staff will receive training on our COVID-19 Safety Plan including basic sanitizing and PPE policies. This will be followed up with on-island orientation.
  • All work crew staff will have additional training on mixing chemicals and proper cleaning and sanitizing of our facilities; there will be staff trained in WHMIS on site.


  • VOLUNTEER ACCOMMODATION: staff will be in household groups like campers based on role and function as much as possible. Where possible bed layout will allow for reduced capacity in rooms/cabins with staff spaced to avoid any head-to-head sleeping. When indoors households will not be required to maintain physical distancing or wear masks when not with others.
  • STAFF KIDS: given limited staffing options, staff children ages 2+ should be limited as much as possible. Staff children will be part of their parent(s) household group for all indoor activities but can interact with those outside their household outdoors following public health guidelines at that time.
  • SUMMER STAFF ACCOMMODATION: located off main camp property adjacent to caretaker property, summer staff will operate as a household group when engaging directly with sessions. Staff will be encouraged to stay on camp property through our abbreviated Summer Session; if they do visit the mainland, they will be expected to follow all provincial public health guidance current at that time.
  • PPE will be worn by staff when inside shared accommodation and facilities as indicated.
  • Camp facilities will be cleaned in accordance with the BCCDC guideline for Cleaning & Disinfectants in public settings.
  • Buildings will be cleaned daily, and all high touch surfaces sanitized regularly.
  • Cleaning supplies will be available in camper cabins as well as common bathrooms for individual use as desired. This should include a sanitizing product.
  • Camper cabins will be sanitized by staff every day at a time when the household is not present to ensure minimal exposure to products.
  • Shared bathrooms in use in the Dining Hall will be sanitized at least twice/day, after lunch and after dinner or before lights out.
  • Cleaning staff will be provided with appropriate protective supplies such as gloves, masks as indicated for use with products.
  • OUTDOOR SPACES – will be prioritized for all activities as much as possible. Hand hygiene will be accessible in all major outdoor spaces.
  • THE GYM – is an open-air covered space; activities conducted here will follow programming guidelines primarily for outside although anything requiring a prolonged period of time with larger group of people (Ex. Chapel service) would adhere to physical distancing between households as advised by Public Health.
  • INDOOR SPACES – will be used primarily for eating and as back up spaces for inclement weather; ventilation and all physical distancing and group gathering limits will be followed when indoors.
  • Access to the island this year will be predominantly by water taxi from Lions Bay larger vessels have not been permitted to resume operation at this time.
  • Staggered arrivals by water taxi time to reduce overall traffic. Recommend sending most non-cabin leading staff up earlier to help on the unloading side.
  • Camp staff to track camper drop off and pick up per child safe policy.
  • There will be no visitors to camp during camp sessions. Parents and Caregivers will be provided information on all relevant policies and procedures prior to the start of camp.
  • PROGRAM ACTIVITIES – Rotations through traditional activities swim dock, boat dock, archery/riflery, crafts and others will be done in camper households.
  • SPORTS – do not schedule high contact sports/games between households.
  • FREE TIME – should be limited to no more than 90-minute blocks and all activities with campers mingling outside household groups done outdoors.
  • HIKES – can be done outside household groups following public health outdoor activity guidelines at the time AND with staggered start times from camp and along the route to ensure every hiker has lots of space and reduce groups to 10 or less together on the trail.
  • INCLEMENT WEATHER – increased covered outdoor areas will be utilized and indoor spaces will be used as needed following all indoor space guidelines.
  • The Gym is an open-air covered outdoor space that falls under outdoor guidelines.
  • The Craft Room is a well-ventilated indoor space that can have a single camper household inside at one time, with a second camper group outside on the deck OR campers from different households can be present if physical distancing is in place and masks are worn if front door is not open and/or distancing due to higher numbers is more challenging.
  • Hand hygiene completed prior to entry to the Water Taxi or Camp boat (staff monitored) and upon arrival to camp per our usual procedure.
  • Masks required inside the vessel.
  • All boat loading and unloading will be completed following carrier guidelines.
  • While some meals will be served outdoors or in camper cabins, when possible, the dining hall will be used regularly. Orderly, staggered entry/exit will be facilitated.
  • Food service will be conducted out of our kitchen following Food Safe practices including masked servers and table-service where possible. Dish service will be done at the end of the meal, household by household.
  • Camper households will have a designated table for the duration of camp, spaced 2m from others measured from the outer edge of our benches when in use. No non-household persons will share tables when eating indoors.
  • Non-cabin leader staff will eat in household groups as much as possible; the exception being outdoor picnic style meals where more general distancing is possible, and staff are not face-to-face the same way they would be at a table.
  • Snacks will be provided outdoors or in camper cabins.
  • The beverage station will be accessible before, during and after meals and bottled water available as needed. Everyone is encouraged to bring a refillable bottle to camp.
  • There will be no singing in the dining hall.
  • There will be no sharing of food, drinks or unwashed utensils.
  • HAND HYGIENE – is vital to preventing the spread of illness transmission and will be proactively practiced and supported throughout all camp programming and operations at Anvil.
  • Proper hand washing will be reviewed as part of staff training and camper orientation upon arrival to Anvil Island.
  • All households have access to at least one sink with running water and soap.
  • Hand sanitizer will be accessible at every indoor shared space, and regularly used outdoor space.
  • Hand hygiene will be required upon entry/exit to meals, Chapel and activity stations.
  • All campers and staff will be reminded to cough and sneeze into the elbow or tissues and practice proper hand hygiene.
  • When appropriate, the provider should guide the patient through their own first aid (ex. Cleaning their wound and applying a band aid).
  • The provider and patient should both be masked if direct care is required.
  • More details on policies and procedures for providing first aid are provided through WorkSafeBC guidelines and will be adhered to by the Camp Medical Team and other certified First Aid attendants. Basic guidelines will be provided in all-staff training.