Age: 13-15 Co-Ed
Dates: July 7-14, 2018
Director: Lyndsay Kinghorn
Assistant Director: Andrew Chong

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Age: 13-15 Co-Ed
Dates: July 8-15, 2017
Director: Andrew Chong
Assistant Director: Lyndsay Kinghorn

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Welcome to Camp 2

Camp 2 happens in the second week of July and there can’t be too many better ways to start summer than to be with us. We have room for about 100 campers, age 13 to 15, and our passionate, volunteer staff teams spends most of the off-season putting together the most fun and engaging week of camp that we can dream up.
CAMP 2, 2018 THEME

Cartoon Extravaganza 

What do Spongebob, Scooby Doo, and the Power Puff Girls have in common? Probably lots of things, but most importantly they’re all central characters in Camp 2’s CARTOON EXTRAVAGANZA! Tune in Summer 2018.!

Camp 2 Gallery

Each week brings about 75 volunteer staff dedicated to making this week an awesome experience for your child. Each camp has a Nurse or Doctor on staff, 4 certified lifeguards and 2 advanced first-aid attendants. The majority of our staff have served for many consecutive years and all have pre-camp training, criminal record checks and reference checks. A typical cabin has a Sr. Cabin Leader and a Junior Cabin Leader for 10 kids. We are committed to making this a safe, fun and loving environment for your child.
Camp 2 Videos
Professional videographer Winston Bohl spent a week with Camp 2 in 2015, capturing incredible drone footage from high above the island, time-lapse footage of the night sky, and super-slow-motion footage of our paint fight. If you can only spare about 60 seconds, watch the time-lapse footage at 23:15.
Meet the Director
Lyndsay Kinghorn has been coming to Anvil for as long as our administrator can remember.  In fact, there was one summer where I was sure that she lived on Anvil!  You can find her at Camp 2, Camp 6, Camp 8, Camp 9 and now she is directing Camp 12!

New to Camp?


Is this going to be your first time at Camp? Not quite sure what to pack? Wondering what in the world is 'Canteen"? Want to know more about all the amazing things Anvil has to offer like Wide Games, Cabin Activities and Chapel? Head on over to Camper's Corner to get the full rundown on what a week at Daybreak Point Bible camp on Anvil Island is all about!

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