Age: 9-12 Co-Ed
Dates: July 16-23, 2022
Director: Barrett Sprowson
Assistant Directors: Macaela MacWilliams & Amanda Kirk


Age: 9-12 Co-Ed
Dates: July 16-23
Director: Barett Sprowson
Assistant Directors: Macaela MacWilliams & Amanda Kirk

Welcome to Camp 3

Camp is an amazing experience full of fun, friends, food and family! That’s right, family! Now I know that coming up to Camp 3 means you’ll be away from your parents and little brother and sister for a week, but Camp 3 offers you the chance to make a new family – a Camp 3 family!  Your cabin leader will help you through camp every step of the way – from making sure you get on the boat, organizing your cabin theme nights, helping you explore an island full of fun and even getting you first in line for food once in a while. Our cabin leaders all have a passion for kids and are there to spend the week making sure you have the time of your lives.  Then of course there is your cabin mates. Most of you will come up strangers, but leave the best of friends. By participating in all the amazing activities our program crew dreams up with (theme nights, giant slip-n-slide, 4-way soccer and the night game!), your cabin mates will soon become best of friends. Of course the best ‘family’ experience up at Camp 3 is experiencing God’s family. In our Chapel times we will hear about how God wants you to be a part of His family through energetic singing and engaging stories.
Camp 3 theme is… Coming soon!

 Our program team is working on their theme.  We will update as soon as their team is ready!




Camp 3 Gallery

Each week brings about 75 volunteer staff dedicated to making this week an awesome experience for your child. Each camp has a Nurse or Doctor on staff, 4 certified lifeguards and 2 advanced first-aid attendants. The majority of our staff have served for many consecutive years and all have pre-camp training, criminal record checks and reference checks. A typical cabin has a Sr. Cabin Leader and a Junior Cabin Leader for 10 kids. We are committed to making this a safe, fun and loving environment for your child.

Camp 3 2018 Video

A Day at Camp 3 with Encouraging stories from
Cabin Counsellors and Students in Training.

Meet the Director

Camp has had a significant personal impact on Barrett beginning in his teens and early 20s in Zimbabwe. Since discovering Anvil Barrett has served wherever and whenever possible, starting with program on Camp 4 and last summer on Camp 3 as Assistant Director. He is married to Jessica and has 3 kids; one who is a camper and a set of twins who will be pre-campers for one more year. Barrett works with a developer in the real estate industry and is passionate about most sports involving a ball, but if you had to single one out it would be rugby. He’s a bit old school when it comes to water sports and enjoys carving up the wake on a slalom ski on the camp early morning staff ski. If you’d like to connect with him or ask any questions, feel free to drop him an email.

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