Everything you need to know to ensure your child gets the most out of their experience at Daybreak Point Bible Camp
What is Camp like?
If you’ve never been to camp before then you are in for a treat. We are committed to making your child’s week at Daybreak Point Bible Camp on Anvil Island unforgettable. We accomplish this through amazing food, energetic staff, quality chapel time and entertaining programs.

There are tons of activities during your week up at Daybreak Point Bible Camp on Anvil Island: Wakeboarding, Tubing, Waterskiing, Water Trampoline, Slide, The Summit Slide, Archery, Riflery, Challenge Course, Hiking, Out Trips, Crafts, Frolf, Beach Volleyball, Kayaking, Canoeing, Fishing, Outdoor Sports, Gym Sports, Wide Games, time in our Indoor Chapel & our beautiful new Outdoor Chapel and much more!

Camp Staff


Each week brings about 85 volunteer staff members dedicated to making this week an awesome experience for your child. Each camp has a Nurse or Doctor on staff, 4 certified lifeguards and 2 advanced first-aid attendants. The majority of our staff have served for many consecutive years and all have pre-camp training, criminal record checks and reference checks. A typical cabin has a Sr. Cabin Leader and a Junior Cabin Leader for 10 kids. We are committed to making this a safe, fun and loving environment for your child.

At Daybreak Point Bible Camp, we have our very own 'general store' called Canteen. It's jam packed with all sorts of snacks, swag & supplies. You can send an allowance with your camper and we will set up an account for them to make daily purchases (although, there is a daily limit on the candy #saynotocavities). Each year we release an amazing line of Anvil inspired T-Shirts, Tanks, Long Sleeve Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, stickers, Water Bottles, Mugs and much much more! We also give bibles to campers who would like them and we sell toothbrushe, shampoo and other camper essentials.

Register for Camp


The prices listed below reflect the most up to date pricing structure for the 2024 Camp season at Daybreak Point Bible Camp.
Our 2024 pricing is below. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the administrator. Select the category that you wish to register for, and you will be redirected to our registration database off-site.

Anvil Price Increase FAQ
Note on pricing increases for Summer 2024

The Board has made the difficult, but necessary decision to implement a larger increase to the camper price of camp for the 2024 summer season. While we attempted to keep camp fee increases minor from 2019 until 2023, the increase was needed to keep camp operations sustainable for many years to come.

The new prices will be as follows:
- Full Price Summer 2024 = $695/camper (plus GST)
- Early Bird Price Summer 2024 = $675/camper (plus GST) *Available until May 1st, 2024
- Weekend Camps = Pricing coming soon

The reason for the increases
As many have likely experienced, costs have been rising and Anvil has seen and felt these increases to a large magnitude. To better illustrate this, Operations costs in 2023 are up over $260,000 from 2019. **It is important to note that this does not include capital projects or fundraising costs.

Among other increases when compared to 2019 we saw the following amounts increase:

  • $69,500 Transportation on the Britannia
  • $50,700 Food Costs
  • $39,500 Fuel Costs
  • $55,700 Employee Costs and Salary Increases (Summer, Part-time and Full-Time Staff)
  • $28,700 Insurance Premiums Increases
  • $16,000+ Additional Expenses

How much of the cost does camper fees cover?
In 2019, camp-related revenue and fees covered 60% of the operational costs, where in 2023 this
amount was under 50%. This means that donations cover the rest in addition to capital upgrades and
fundraising done for Anvil.

Why are the prices going up?
Simply put, camp is more substantially more expensive to run. When compared to 2019, the 2023
operation costs are up over $260,000* to run, even though 2019 had more campers than 2023.
* Note that this is only operational costs and does not include fundraising or major capital

How did the new price get decided on?
We aim to keep a similar level of camper fee to cost as we had pre-pandemic. To do this a 60% camper fee to operational cost is our target for pricing.

What is my child/family getting for this cost?
As we strive to do each summer, the increase in cost will allow Anvil to continue to provide an incredible camp experience where campers will get to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation while learning about the Gospel.

Does this money go to your rebuilding projects?
No – the cost of the increase is to keep pace with the increases in costs to run the camp’s operations to put on camp each summer. The rebuilding projects are funded through donations.

Does this affect your sponsorship program?
No – we will continue to run our sponsorship as we have done in the past; our goal is to provide a camp experience for those from all backgrounds and financial means.

How do I qualify for the sponsorship program?
We encourage all those who are looking into sponsorship to check out our sponsorship section on the
website here.

For additional questions please let us know – the best way is to email us.

Blake Henley (Treasurer) on behalf of the Anvil Board

Registering 3 or more campers from the same family?

We give a 40% discount for the third sibling registered by a family (and any subsequent children after that).
If you have any further questions regarding multi-camper or family registration, please don't hesitate to contact the office.

COVID-19 Policy and FAQ

Here you will find our most current COVID-19 policy and FAQ regarding Daybreak and COVID-19.


Still Have Questions?

Please contact us by clicking here to ask any follow up questions in regards to our 2023 camps and our COVID-19 policies.

What is the cancellation fee?

There is a $50 non-refundable cancelation fee built into your camper fee.If you have to cancel, prior to one week before camp, you will get a full refund minus this fee. In the week leading up to camp, refunds are given on a case by case basis as we may be unable to fill the spot.

Can parents do the excursion again?

Yes! We are excited to welcome parents up to camp to drop off their camper and tour our facility.

What's "Canteen""

Canteen is our at Camp store. You can buy camp merchandise, candy, drinks and necessities that may have been forgotten there. You can send cash with your child up to camp or contact our office to take care of payment via credit card or e-transfer prior to camp.

What will happen if there is an outbreak at Camp?

Anvil has protocols in place to respond to any camper or staff illness including isolation and transportation off the island. Every year we review these measures and layers of protection to ensure we are up to date on the latest measures for our summer camps.

Who can I contact to discuss these policies?

You can contact our admin (Shannon Fenton) here and she will assist you or direct you to the appropriate person.

Sample Schedule

There’s lots on the go each and every day at Daybreak Point Bible Camp. Each week on Anvil is unique to each camp, with so many different themes and amazing activities. That said, we’ve outlined a typical structure or a day at camp so you can get a sense for the amazing experience your camper has in store.

SAMPLE Breakfast

Porridge with Raisins/Brown Sugar
Toast (butter/jam options)
Apple/Orange Slices/Grapes
Orange Juice/Milk/Tea/Coffee


Taco Salad (Vegetarian Option Available)
Taco Chips, Refried Beans, Salsa, Olives
Onions, Sour Cream, Cheese, Dressing
Lettuce, Tomato
Cookies for Dessert


Lasagna (Vegetarian Option Available)
Caesar Salad
Garlic Bread (Bread made from scratch)
Dessert: Brownies


Pop Corn (movie night)
Hot Chocolate/Water/Tea/Coffee

Camper Mail



Care to send your child a little note from home? Perhaps you've got someone special you can't spend a week apart from without penning them a poem about your undying love? Whatever the case, you can send mail to the island at the details below:

Address all mail with the details below:

[Camper First & Last Name] 
[Camp Number (ex: "Camp 6" ] 
c/o Daybreak Point Bible Camp  
P.O. Box 51, Lions Bay, BC  V0N2E0

Please Note: 

* This mailbox is only operational during July & August.
* We recommend sending mail at a minimum the week before the camper goes to camp to try and ensure delivery.
* Packages should be sent at least two weeks prior to the start of camp to ensure that they are there for your child when they are at camp.

Boat Information

The boat leaves from the foot of Denman St. at 7:30AM SHARP.
Please arrive at 6:45 and be there no later than 7:00AM to sign in.
Pick Up is at the same location – at approximately 1:00-1:30 pm (depending on sailing times).
For last minute updates – check the Anvil Island – Daybreak Point Bible Camp page on Facebook.

Please be advised when picking up your children at Harbour Cruises that parents are not permitted to park on the north side of the parking lot as the parking area is for Harbour Cruises staff only. There is ample parking available in the remainder of the lot. See the below picture (under the map) in regards to the parking space available to all parents for use. Please note the bus parking is not to be used and must be kept clear at all times. Thank you for your understanding

You can also check the Britannia’s progress by going to this link here

Boat Drop Off


We have outlined some of the most Frequently Asked Questions from campers for you to skim through.


Still Have Questions?

Did we miss a very important deail? Don’t fret—you can contact us directly at the email address below and we wil do our best to get you the info you’re looking for in due time. Who know’s, if it gets asked enough it might even become a FAQ down the road!

I want to find out more information on the Summer Camp Programs you offer.

Click ‘Summer Camps’ on our menu to find information on all of our camps, and how to register. If you are ready to register for camp please click here!

What should I bring to Camp? And what not?

In no particular order:
Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Bible, Flashlight, Toiletries, towel, swimsuit, sandals, runners, clothes you can get dirty in, clean clothes (enough for a week!), a clean pair of socks, Bug Spray, sunscreen.
What not to bring:
Cell Phones, iPods, Knives, banned substances, Your Pet Hamster – these will be collected on the first day for secure (locked) storage during your week.

I just want to register to be a camper for camp. I love camp.

Great! Just click here!

I want to find out about what's going on at Daybreak

All of our newsletters, projects, and upcoming events can be found on our home page, on our blog or by signing up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

What do I bring? Where is the Boat? What Happens Next?

We have a list of items to bring in the question above or you can check out our Campers Corner. We have a map with more information about the boat in our Parent Portal above and you can even track the boat on the day of camp! The weeks before camp you will get a call from your cabin leader and they will let you know any other information you might need for camp! If you have any other questions, just email the director of your camp or our office by clicking here

I'm registered for camp, but now can't go. What's the cancellation policy?

Sorry you can’t come up to camp this year!  If you cancel up until a week before camp, we will give you a full refund, less a $50.00 non-refundable deposit. The week before camp we take each cancellation on a case by case basis.

Can I attend multiple weeks of camp as a camper?

Can I attend two weeks at Anvil as a Camper?  We want as many children and teens as possible to have the “Anvil Camp Experience”.  Therefore each camper is only allowed to register for one week of camp each summer. Sometimes individual weeks of the summer may have some extra spots which allow some to attend a second time. If you are interested in attending a second week, please contact the office by clicking here and we will take your request into consideration.  Naturally, we are unable to guarantee a second spot until closer to the start of your requested “extra” camp. If spots are available we will contact you approximately two weeks prior to camp.  Thank you!

Do you have a family rate?

We have a special family rate. You will pay full price for the first two children, but every child after that will be 40% off. This discount is automatically applied when you register all children at the same time. This discount is not available for friends. If you have any questions, please contact us in the office.

When will I get a call from my cabin leader?

Because we will be filling cabins right up to the end – you should expect a call just prior to camp starting. If you still haven’t heard from them and camp is starting within 2 days – call the office.

Are there really Hougars at camp?

You’ll have to wait and see.