Volunteering at Daybreak Point Bible Camp is an incredibly rewarding experience, and a huge part of our ministry. Below you will find all the information you need to apply for camp along with information about our brand new Staff Training Program taking place in Summer, 2021.

Serving at Anvil

Thank you for your interest in serving at Daybreak Point Bible Camp on Anvil Island this year! Our process for serving has changed. Please ensure you follow the steps carefully. You must first apply to be a staff member by sending in the form below to the director of the camp you wish to volunteer at this summer. After you have received confirmation from them that you are on staff then you can fully register as a staff member for Daybreak. If you register without receiving approval from the director first your registration will be cancelled.

The Director must have enough time to review your application and the office to make sure everything is processed properly. If you are unsure as to which camp would be the best fit for you please contact the office.

Welcome to Our Brand New Staff Training Program!

Have you ever wanted to serve during a week of camp in the summer? Have you become to old to be a camper but want to keep attending camp?

This summer is your opportunity to take a unique staff training course. Unique because it will be for all camps so you will meet people from each of the camps and unique because it won’t be on the island, but will have an island component. If you are between the ages of 15 and 19 then you are able to sign up for the training program.

We will be accepting applications to our Staff Training Program until July 11th at midnight. Please apply today!

On Mainland
July 26th-27th + 29th-30th  (7:00pm – 9:30pm)
10330 – 144 Street, Surrey, BC   V3T 4V3

On Island
July 28th (8:30am – 6:00pm)
Lions Bay Marina pick up and drop off

$130.00 (includes all your materials and a t-shirt!)


  • Is this for camps 1-9?

Yes, we are combining all the staff training programs in to one for this summer.

  • If I take this training will I have to take another staff training program for my specific camp?

No, this would be your staff training. Each director may have some supplemental things for you to do the following summer, but this would be you training.

  • If I take this training will I be guaranteed a spot on staff the following summer?

No, as with all camp training programs there is no guarantees. You need to complete the program and maintain your spiritual walk with the Lord along with moral and responsible behaviour. Camps also fill up quickly with staff, so no guarantees. However, the directors of all camps are behind this program and would consider you as a staff member having taken the course.

  • Do I have to attend in person?

We would like people in person, however, if you live outside the lower mainland we may be able to have you join us on zoom for the training. Details will be worked out for those out of town.

  • Do I have to attend the on island session?

Yes, we would like you to attend the on island session. We are aware of health regulations and covid protocols, but if you can attend we would like you to attend.

  • Why does it cost money?

The fees cover registration, handbooks, materials, water taxis to get us on and off the island.

Before You Apply…

i. Minimum staff age for junior camps is 16 years of age unless a staff member has completed a camp certified training program. Junior camps may run staff training programs for staff aged 14-17. 14 year olds must be 14 by June 30 of the current camping year. Each Director will always have the final approval of all staff members attending their camp

ii. Minimum staff age for teens camps is 18 years of age unless a staff member has completed a camp certified training program. Teens camps may include 16-19 year olds in their staff training programs. 16 year olds must be 16 by June 30 of the current camping year. Each Director will always have the final approval of all staff members attending their camp.

iii. Minimum staff age for senior camps is 21 years of age unless a staff member has completed a camp certified training program. Senior camps may include 19-21 year olds in their staff training programs. Each Director will always have the final approval of all staff members attending their camp.

Apply for our Staff Training Program

Staff Training Program | Steve Swaddling
July 26 – 30, 2021
(ages 15-19 Co-ed)

Please click on the “apply today” link below and submit it to Steve Swaddling to apply to our 2021 Staff Training Program. Thank you for your interest!

1. Apply To Serve (Weekend Camps)

Please follow these steps to begin your registration process:
1. Click on the button that says “APPLY TO SERVE” below.
2. An form will pop up with questions for you to answer.
3. Select the camp you want to volunteer at this summer and the form will be emailed to them.
4. Once the director has responded to your request, they’ll contact you.
5. If you are accepted to serve on staff, the Director will send you the link to continue the registration process.
6. Register on-line and you are confirmed for Summer, 2021. This year there are no staff fees as a thank you to our staff and an understanding as to how hard these past two years have been. We are excited to welcome you back to Camp!

Senior Teens Camp| David Jones
August 6 – 9, 2021
(Ages 16-18 Co-ed)

Junior Camp | Barrett Sprowson & Angela Fuellbrandt
August 13 – 16, 2021
(Ages 9-12 Co-ed)

Junior Teens Camp | Gilbert Yeung  & Gatlin Saip
August 20 – 23, 2021
(Ages 13-15 Co-ed)

Junior Teens Camp |  Andreas Russell, Courtney Warner & Mikaela Russell 
August 27 – 30 , 2021
(Ages 14-16 Co-ed)

* If you are unable to get the form to work please click here and download the form and then email it to the Director of the week you would like to apply to work at this summer.

2. Criminal Record Check

» Every Staff 19 person and older must have a Criminal Record Check (CRC) on record before stepping on Anvil Island. There are no exceptions to this rule.

» Every staff person must do a new CRC in 2021 There are no exceptions to this rule. 

» If you are a Canadian citizen the government of Canada has a free initiative to obtain your Criminal Record Check.  Simply click here to be taken to the website and enter the code that was emailed to you in your confirmation email after you registered as staff.  You will need your BC Services Card set up as a mobile card through the BC Government to complete your CRC online. All the steps required are outlined at the above address.

» If you are coming to serve at Anvil this summer and come from a country other than Canada, please go to your local police station and request a CRC there.

» Daybreak Point Bible Camp is not able to allow any individuals to be involved in the summer camping program without a valid CRC. Please begin the process immediately so as not to cause impediments to you serving at Daybreak.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the Daybreak office immediately.

If you need to complete your CRC in person at a police station, some municipalities require that your name is on the letter to receive the CRC.  Therefore, please print the below letter, fill in your name on the blank line, and take it to your local police station.

3. Important Documents

In preparation for the summer, we need you to read the following document. Whether it’s your first year or fortieth year at Daybreak Point Bible Camp, it is central to serving with us this summer. After you do, please take the time to pray for the staff, campers and parents who will be interacting with Daybreak this summer.


We must have three references on file. Once your CRC has been received in the office (and if you are a new staff member your three references have been received) you will officially be a camp staff member! We look forward to you serving at Daybreak Point Bible Camp this summer.

Thanks for taking the time to be a reference for one of our volunteers. Your reference is one part of our staff screening process that helps us make the best decisions possible about our volunteer staff. We sincerely appreciate your consideration. If you have any additional comments please do not hesitate to contact the office confidentially through admin@anvilisland.ca


Registration Password

If you have completed all the required steps to serve at Daybreak Point Bible Camp this summer, you will have been given a password to access a password protected page. Click the button below and enter the password to finalize your Staff Application. Thank you for applying to Daybreak Point Bible Camp as a staff member this summer!

Please contact our office or your director if you have any questions.