COVID-19 Updates

For all updates on Daybreak Point Bible Camp and Summer, 2021 please see below. We will update this page regularly as we learn more regarding camp on Anvil Island in 2021.

For our COVID-19 FAQ please scroll to the bottom of the page.

2021 Update from the Anvil Board

We at Daybreak Point Bible Camp have deeply missed being together in person on Anvil Island. Last week’s announcement by the BC Provincial Health Officer indicated there may be an opportunity to gather at some point this summer, which is of course an exciting thought.

We are still waiting for the actual guidelines, operational requirements, and timelines for overnight camping in BC. Like all camps, we hope the Province releases this information soon, at which point we will be better able to assess how we can best move forward this summer.

Please check our website regularly for updates as we receive more information and guidance in the coming weeks. 

– June 1, 2021

Thank you for your support as we have been unable to operate on Anvil Island since 2019.

Thank you for being part of our Anvil family, our prayer for each of you is peace in this time of turmoil and may we be back on the island together again next year. To get a little bit of camp now, please check out our digital banquet video on this page.

For all information about Daybreak and COVID-19 please see below.

Answering Your Questions

Please read thoroughly for information regarding Daybreak Point Bible Camp and our handling of the COVID-19 Situation.

Will Camp happen in 2021?

We are waiting the guidelines from the PHO on how overnight camps will look in BC. We will update here and on our social media channels if we are able to operate camps on Anvil Island in 2021.

Camp is happening in Ontario, so when can I sign up for Camp in BC?

While we are very excited to hear that camps can run in Ontario this year, each Province has different rules and Health Orders. Until we have a chance to review the guidelines for overnight camp in BC we cannot make a definitive statement on overnight camp on Anvil Island.

What about Day Camps?

Being on Anvil Island is amazing, but also tricky when it comes to transportation. Day Camps and other options to use our facility are something that our Board and Staff are looking into. For any updates, check out our website or social media channels!

What will happen to the Camp?

Daybreak Point Bible Camp is not going anywhere! Throughout the season we are going to be making camp even better! Our caretakeing team is hard at work up at the camp. We hope to make some improvements to the grounds and get ready to make a summer you will never forget when we can do camp again. We will be doing some fun things throughout the summer months so make sure you follow us onnsocial media!

My kids are so disapointed, is there any way that they can experience Anvil this summer?

We know that no camp is the absolute last thing that our campers and families want to hear – and it is the last thing that we want to share with our campers and families!

We will continue to communicate with you through our website, email, and social media channels. Our goal is to support our campers, staff, and their families as much as we possibly can through this unusual season. We are hard at work figuring out what we can do in 2021, so please stay tuned!

How will I get my Canteen fix?

Our online canteen store is open 24/7, 365 days a year! We are also planning on having some fun 2021 options available for you again this year. Stay tuned!

We loved our "Camp in a Box" last year. Will something like this happen again?

We are so glad that you loved your “camp in a box”. We have some fun ideas so please stay tuned for more updates!

Could I still go up to camp for a hike or picnic this summer?

We are able to take requests for access to do the Leading Peak for people who are in the same health jurisdiction as Anvil Island. Please contact our office here if you would like to do the Leading Peak Hike.

All other access points on the island are through private property and our neighbors have requested that people respect their wishes to not have people access the hike through their property. We cannot accomodate requests to come up to the camp for a picnic at this time as we have on-going projects happening at our facility.

If there is any change we will update our community.

How can I support Daybreak Point Bible Camp at this time?

Please pray for us!

This is a time unlike any most of us have seen in decades, if ever. While we live in a world so deeply connected, today we are facing words like ‘social distancing ‘and ‘outbreak’ which can leave us feeling confused, isolated, and even anxious. Thankfully God is bigger than our fear, and He encourages us to bring our worries to Him.

We hope that we will have the opportunity to welcome all our campers and staff to the island in the future and share Christ’s love with all who attend and visit. Pray for spread of COVID-19 to end and for all businesses and ministries  both locally and globally, to be open soon.

If you are able, please also consider donating to support our ongoing operations. We rely on your generosity to make ends meet and, now more than ever, we need your support.

Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers.

Can I volunteer at the Camp for work projects?

Once the essential travel ban expiries after the May Long weekend we hope to be able to run work parties up at the Camp again. Please stay tuned or email Mark Dean if you have any questions about volunteering!

Still Have Questions?

Did we miss a very important detail? Don’t fret—you can contact us directly and we wil do our best to get you the info you’re looking for in due time. Who know’s, if it gets asked enough it might even become a FAQ down the road!