Welcome to Camper’s Corner, your all-access information page that will outline everything you need to know about spending a week at Daybreak Point Bible Camp.

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What is Camp like?

If you've never been to camp before then you are in for a treat. We are committed to making your child's week at Daybreak Point Bible Camp on Anvil Island unforgettable. We accomplish this through amazing food, energetic staff, quality chapel time and entertaining programs. 


There are tons of activities during your week up at Daybreak Point Bible Camp on Anvil Island: Wakeboarding, Tubing, Waterskiing, Water Trampoline, Slide, The Summit Slide, Archery, Rifelry, Challenge Course, Hiking, Out trips, Crafts, Frolf, Beach Volleyball, Kayaking, Canoeing, Fishing, Outdoor Sports, Gym Sports, Wide Games, Indoor & our beautiful Outdoor Chapel and much more!

Camp Staff

Each week brings about 85 volunteer staff members dedicated to making this week an awesome experience for your child. Each camp has a Nurse or Doctor on staff, 4 certified lifeguards and 2 advanced first-aid attendants. The majority of our staff have served for many consecutive years and all have pre-camp training, criminal record checks and reference checks. A typical cabin has a Sr. Cabin Leader and a Junior Cabin Leader for 10 kids. We are committed to making this a safe, fun and loving environment for your child.


We have outlined some of the most Frequently Asked Questions from campers for you to skim through.

Still Curious

Did we miss a very important detail? Don’t fret—you can contact us directly and we will do our best to get you the info you’re looking for in due time. Who knows, if it gets asked enough it might even become a FAQ down the road!

I want to find out more information on the Summer Camp Programs you offer.

Click ‘Register Now’ to find information on all of our camps, and how to register.

What should I bring to Camp? And what not?

Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Bible, Water Bottle, Flashlight, Toiletries, towel, swimsuit, sandals, runners, clothes you can get dirty in, clean clothes (enough for a week!), a clean pair of socks, Bug Spray, sunscreen.
What not to bring:
Cell Phones, iPods, Knives, lighters, banned substances (including cigarettes), vaping materials, alcohol, cannabis products, your pet Hamster – these will be collected on the first day for secure (locked) storage during your week.

I want to find out about what's going on at Daybreak

All of our newsletter details, projects, and upcoming events will be posted through our Blog. You can also join our mailing list in the section below.

I'm registered for camp, but now can't go. What's the cancellation policy?

Sorry you can’t come up to camp this year!  If you cancel up until a week before camp, we will give you a full refund, less a $25.00 registration fee.

Can I attend multiple weeks of camp as a camper?

We want as many children and teens as possible to have the “Anvil Camp Experience”.  Therefore each camper is only allowed to register for one week of camp each summer. If you were interested in attending a second week, please contact the office and we will be happy to discuss this with you further.  Thank you!

Do you have a family rate?

We have a special family rate. You will pay full price for the first two children, but every child after that will be 40% off. This discount is automatically applied when you register all children at the same time. If you have any questions, please contact us in the office.

When will I get a call from my cabin leader?

Because we will be filling cabins right up to the end – you should expect a call just prior to camp starting. If you still haven’t heard from them and camp is starting within 2 days – call the office.

Are there really Hougars at camp?

You’ll have to wait and see…

What to Pack


Spending a whole week at Daybreak Point Bible Camp means you need to come prepared! We suggest, at minimum you pack the following: sleeping bag (and bed sheet), pillow, water bottle, bible, flashlight, toiletries, towel, swimsuit, sandals, runners, clothes you can get dirty in, clean clothes (enough for a whole week), a clean pair of socks, bug spray & sunscreen.


What NOT to pack

At Daybreak Point Bible Camp, we want to ensure that you or your camper experience the best that Anvil has to offer. Being able to "power-off" and leave your daily distractions behind is part of the beauty of coming to camp. We do not allow Cell Phones, iPods, Tablets, Laptops, or similar devices. We also don't allow knives (or other weapons), lighters, vaping products and supplies, alcohol, cigarettes, cannabis products or any other banned substances.

Should you bring any of these items to camp, they will be collected on the first day and put in a secure (locked) storage during your week and will be returned to you before the boat ride home.