Since 2010 I, Shannon Fenton, have been the Admin here at Daybreak Point Bible Camp.  I have loved working with all of our campers and staff and growing the Admin role for Daybreak, it’s hard to believe that next year will be my 10th Anniversary in this position!  But today is my last day of work in 2019 as I prepare to go on my maternity leave. 

Last year I took a three month maternity leave following the birth of my daughter and was back for summer 2018.  However, this year, as I am due with our second child in just a few days, I will be taking a longer maternity leave.  So, I will miss you all, as this is going to be my first summer away from the Anvil office since 2010!

In my absence, Jenna Thompson will be taking on the role of our Anvil Administrator for the remainder of the year.  I have had the great pleasure of working with Jenna for the past two months, training her in the position, and I know you are in good hands with her and our office assistant.  Joining her this summer in that role is Delaney Davidson who started with us in late June.  They are both amazing young women who have been hard at work in the office and you will love working with them. It has been a huge pleasure to get to know them both over the past few weeks and I will miss working with them!

I look forward to being back with you in 2020 and introducing our daughters to you all.

Have a great summer 2019!  I will be praying for you all.

Shannon Fenton