Daybreak Point Bible Camp is hiring for a contract position for a Work Volunteer Coordinator.

DPBC has a need for a work volunteer coordinator to populate and maintain a database of eligible personnel who express interest to periodically assist the camp in both maintenance and special project endeavors.  The position will also include the scheduling and coordination of work party volunteers in conjunction with the Facilities and Operations Committee requests for work parties.  Effective communication between the FOC, Caretakers, and the Work Volunteer Coordinator is essential.

Scope of Work

  1. Collect and maintain a functional list of willing volunteers. 
  2. Use various sources to populate the list such as current work volunteers, current summer staff volunteers, donors, etc.  DPBC will make available email addresses for an electronic survey to be distributed to the camp database.  Update annually as required.
  3. Identify trade skillsets as well as general labour abilities of volunteers.
  4. Schedule work parties as initiated by the FOC & Caretakers.  Obtain work details for broadcast to volunteers via email, phone calls, and social media.  Poll pertinent volunteers for availability.
  5. Provide updates on work party responses to Committee members as required.
  6. Provide an Operations point-person with contact information of work party volunteers for direct communication over work-related issues.  Provide Caretaker logistical details for boat transportation.
  7. If required, coordinate food service personnel and supplies for work parties.
  8. Post major work party dates on DPBC social media sites.

Excluded from Scope of Work

  1. Initiation of work parties other than current fall and spring “Work Weeks”.
  2. Ordering, purchasing, and delivery of supplies for work parties.
  3. Contact Term – May 15-Nov 15, 2019


Hours will be budgeted at 10 hours per week averaged over the contract period, but not to exceed 45 hours in any one calendar month.


Remuneration will be negotiated for the contract period, and the contractor will need to bill the camp on a bi-weekly basis and will be reimbursed within 30 days.

Request open until May 12, 2019

To apply please email with your résumé and cover letter. Thank you for your interest!