This past week at the Fall Work Week the “Old Worker’s” Building was demolished. Though there are many of our Anvil Community who remember when this building was known as the “New Worker’s” this building has been affectionately referred to “Old Worker’s” for the past number of years.  It is a bit of an end of an era to say goodbye to this building. It has stood so prominently at the back of the property behind the cabins and it will be odd to look up from the dining hall and not see that familiar green structure there.

However, we are very excited and grateful for our new building and happy that it will be ably taking over from the “Hospital” and “Old Worker’s” buildings.

We did save windows and bricks from the fireplace in the “Old Worker’s” building before it was demolished and we will be putting them together as special keepsakes which will be at the Banquet in the spring.  Stay tuned for more details on that as we have them!

The “Hospital” building is being converted into something new and exciting, we can’t wait to tell you more once we are started on the renovation!

Thank you to everyone who helped out this past week for all the hard work that you did and thank you to Ron Edgecombe for taking these photos for us!  Stay tuned for another post celebrating our awesome volunteers at the Fall Work Week!