Summer is coming!!  This past weekend we had a work crew up at Camp, led by Danny Edgecombe, to get a jump on all the work that needs to be done to get the camp up and running for when our Campers and Staff come to see us on July 1st, and right now we have the Spring Work Week on Anvil!

The Spring Work Week runs April 24-26 this year and is made up of some amazing volunteers who have supported Anvil and come up to Camp for more years than a lot of them will admit to!  While this “week” only lasts three days, this crew gets so much done it’s the equivalent of having an even larger crew up for a whole week!  This week is such an incredible help for our Caretaker, Kent, as it helps him to get some focused projects done before our rental groups come up.  Our spring Caretaking assistant will be joining Kent tomorrow, but the help we are having this weekend is a huge boost and assist to Kent.

Thank you to these awesome men and women who give so generously of their time and skills to make Anvil the special place it is for our Rental Groups, Campers and Staff every year!  We also run a Fall Work Week, so if you would like to get involved, just contact us here in the office!