Hey there everyone!  This time of the year is incredibly busy for us here in the office and up at the Main Camp.  Some people might think we are crazy, but this is also the time we decided to work on and launch our new website!  Why not make your busiest times busier, am i right?

We had our previous site for a number of years, but it was in need of some updates to modernize it and really keep our focus current and user-friendly.  We listened to parents, campers, staff and volunteers and have incorporated as much of this feedback as possible into our new site.  Our new site is live and we love it!  The colours, videos, photos and fonts were all chosen and designed with Daybreak in mind.  We kept the camp and our mission to share the love of Jesus with our campers and staff at the core of everything we have done with the site and we are so proud of our new site.  We have loved receiving your feedback on our new website too!  Please keep it coming as we are still catching our little typos and mistakes and having fresh eyes look at it is much appreciated! 

When we knew that we were going update our site we turned to David Boyle of David Boyle Design to take this project on for us.  David has worked with us over the past few years on our brochures, canteen items and other promotional materials and we have loved our continued partnership with him with the website and our 2017 designs.

Our parent’s portal and camper corner were designed specifically with your feedback in mind.  We now have places that are catered to, and organized for parents and campers.  We hope to expand it in the future and add new and exciting elements to the site.  Something that has long been asked for is a place for our wonderful Canteen items on our website.  This is something we are super excited to introduce and will roll out as we have our new items ready to go!

The website has been a labour of love for us all here in the office, on the board and for David.

We hope you love the new site as much as we do! 🙂

-Shannon Fenton, Anvil Admin